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In May of 2012, George and Janice Watson signed the contract with Harley Davidson and reopened the premises on 26th September, with the official launch of the new business on October 12th.

The ‘Belfast Chapter Northern Ireland’ was born in January 2013.

Harley Davidson is all about relationships. Our monthly meetings, which previously had been held all over the place, now take place in the upstairs lounge. People drop in all the time, and it is a great meeting place on a Saturday when impromptu meetings and ride-outs take place and where tea & coffee as well as a collection of sticky buns can be found.


The chapter has gone from a meagre dozen to over 150 members. Every year it organises and runs one of the most successful HOG rallies in the UK – HOG’n’BOG.

The Chapter will continue to grow and it will continue to be popular.  Some members come and go but most, if not all come back.  Owning a Harley is only the key to the chapter, but after that it becomes a way of life.  The friends you make here will last a lifetime, the ownership is usually families ranging from window cleaners and shop assistants to company directors and business proprietors.  However once on the bikes, all become equal.

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