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What makes our Servicing special and why should you trust your beloved Harley® to our official dealers?

The following are the top reasons:

  1. Our dealer staff are factory trained. Your bike may look authentically old but underneath the skin it’s crammed with technology.

  2. They come to Harley-Davidson’s purpose built University training facility to keep their skills up to date.

  3. We have the latest computer based diagnostic tools to save you time and money.

  4. We have invested in over £20,000 of H-D specified special tools to make sure your bike is not damaged and the work is done efficiently.

  5. Our staff have direct access to Harley-Davidson Motor Company engineers and the Factory who created your bike.
  6. Your Motorcycle is usually worth more when you come to trade it in.

  7. We only use factory approved and tested Genuine Motor Parts keeping your Harley 100% the real deal.

  8. Your motorcycle is automatically checked to see if the Motor Company has issued any product improvements or safety recalls on your bike.


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